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Established in 2014,

Shekinah Clinical Spa offers discerning women and men throughout Northeastern Wyoming a unique opportunity to enjoy clinical spa treatments from qualified professionals in a warm, inviting setting. We feature an array of services to enhance your true beauty, letting you radiate like the divine light which inspires our name. At Shekinah Clinical Spa, you’ll find our staff’s deep knowledge might be surpassed only by a deep commitment to ensuring your comfort each time you come by. Thank you for visiting Shekinah Clinical Spa. We look forward to serving you.

Helping You Achieve and Maintain Your Natural Beauty

Let Your Light Shine

Please contact Shekinah Clinical Spa to schedule an appointment, or with any questions or comments you might have. We invite you to continue browsing our website to learn more about our team and the services we offer.

Shekinah (shuh KIGH nuh) 

A visible manifestation of the presence of God, was a luminous cloud that rested above the alter of worship and lit up the room.